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Janice Kovar



McMaster University, Honours Bachelor of Art and Art History, 1986

Queen's University, Bachelor of Education, 1989

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2024     Carnegie Gallery, BETWEEN THE LINES- May, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

2019     "Blink", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas,  Ontario     

             "Absent/Presence", Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, Ontario     

2017     "New Works", Cotton Factory, Open Studio, Hamilton, Ontario

2016     "Convergence", Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Hamilton, Ontario

1996     "New Works", Open Studio, Hamilton, Ontario

1994     "Selected Work", Wordsmith Gallery, Hamilton Gallery

1993     "The Fifth Kingdom". Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

             "Small Works", Dofasco Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

1992     "Recent Work", The Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

1991     "Scratching the Surface", Starkman Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

1989     "Tectonic Shifts", Dofasco Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

1988     "Works on Paper", Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario

1987      "The Figure", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario


Selected Group and Juried Exhibitions

2024     "OMG@YMG",YouMe Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Art Intelligence", Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario  


           "Ties that Bind", Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Hamilton, Ontario 

             "Swarm", Hamilton Artists Inc., Members Exhibition, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Members Exhibition", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

             "Whirligigs", You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

              TOAF62, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, Ontario  

             "This Must be the Place", McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Urban Edge", Earl's Court Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

2022     "Swarm", Hamilton Artists Inc. Hamilton, Ontario

              "Small is Good", Centre 3, Hamilton, Ontario

              "Building Cultural Legacies", Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario 

              "Collage Works", BackAlley Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

              "Art in Bloom," Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

2021     "Recharge", New Gallery Artists, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

             "Cotton Factory Market", Hamilton, Ontario

             "TOAF 60", Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Online

2020    "Carnegie Gallery Craft", Carnegie Juried Show, Dundas, Ontario

             "Whirligigs", You Me Gallery, Hamilton Ontario

             "Hamilton Artists Inc, Members Exhibition", Hamilton, Ontario

             "Small is Good" - Centre Three, Hamilton, Ontario 

             "ÖMG" @You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario 

2019     "XR Collective"  Artist for Climate Change, Spice Factory, Hamilton, Ontario

2018     "Selected Group Exhibition". Cotton Factory, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Group Exhibition". L'Etranger, Hamilton, Ontario 

             "Two - Person Exhibition" - Janice Kovar, Paul Enright, L'Etranger, Hamilton, Ontario


2017     "OMG." You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario 

             "Whirligigs", You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

2015     "How Did I Get Here?"  The Contemporaries, You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

2014     "Whirligigs", You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Artists With Their Work", McMaster Innovation Centre, Hamilton, Ontario 

2013     "Members Exhibition",  You Me Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

2008    "The Box Show", Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, Ontario

1997     "Self Portraits", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

             "A Public Hanging", Hamilton Eaton Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

1996     "Big Hamilton Paintings", Hamilton Eaton Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

1995     "Educators as Artists", Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario

1994     "Black Suites", Earl's Court Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Afterimage: Abstraction", The Moore Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

             "In Three Dimensions", Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

1993     "Young Canadian Painters", Galleria d'art Marabella, Barcelona, Spain 

             "Paintings from a Foreign Land - Afterimage", John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

             "On the Edge", Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

             "The Cinema Show", Broadway Cinema, Hamilton, Ontario

1991     "The Young Contemporaries", John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

             "Continuing Abstraction by Bay Area Artists", Mississauga Art Gallery, Mississauga, Ontario

             "The Go Show", Hamilton Liuna Station, Hamilton, Ontario 

             "On the Ides", Young Contemporaries, Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

             "Afterimage:Abstraction", Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington, Ontario

1988     "Young Contemporaries", Hamilton Artists Inc,, Hamilton, Ontario

             "CKOC Arts Hamilton", Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario

1986     "Women's Art Association Exhibition", Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

               Winner - Best in Show

              "Summa Exhibition": McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario


"Ever Young - The Contemporaries Back at the Beginnings", Jeff Mahoney, 2023

"Young Contemporaries - A Reunion Show", Hamilton Spectator, Regina Haggo, 2016

"Kovar and Enright - Interactive Art", Go Magazine, 1994

"On the Edge - Artistic Visions of a Shrinking Landscape", Boston Mills Press,( Book) 1993

"Around the Galleries", Hamilton Spectator, Jeff Mahoney, 1993

"Kovar's Work Riveting at the Hammer Gallery," Hamilton Spectator, Jeff Mahoney, 1992

"Making Their Mark", Paul Benedetti, Hamilton Spectator, 1992

"Young at Art", The Contemporaries, Hamilton Spectator, 1991

"Artscape", Paul  Benedetti, Hamilton Spectator, 1992

"Afterimage: Abstraction Show at BCC", Hamilton Spectator, Lois Crawford, 1991

"Carrying the Torch", - Broadway Displays Compelling Abstracts,  Hamilton Spectator, Jeff Mahoney

"Art That's Worth Saving", Hamilton Spectator, 1992

"Artlines", Kingston Publication, Benjamin Darrah, 1990


Westport Artists Residency - Brier Island, Nova Scotia, 2022

Westport Artists Residency - Brier Island, Nova Scotia, 2019

Book Publications

Dundas Valley School of Art - Artists Connections  (Incite Foundation for the Arts) 2019

On the Edge, Boston Mills, - Artistic Visions of a Shrinking Landscape, 1993

Work Experience

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board  (1994- 2021)

Head of Arts at MacNab Secondary School, Visual Arts Teacher, Hamilton, Ontario



*Private collections in Canada and abroad

*Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

Archival Resources


Hamilton Public Library /Art Gallery of Hamilton- Young Contemporaries

(Building Cultural Legacies)

Hamilton Arts and Letters: Autumn Edition 2021 - The Hammer Gallery


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