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Janice Kovar - Non-Objective Painting and Sculpture

I am interested in showing surfaces, passages of time, edges, traces of lines, and mark making.  I use a variety of materials including acrylic, plaster, casted and found objects, wood, organic materials, and assemble these elements into both sculptures and paintings.  I have been creating and teaching art for over 30 years at the secondary level and have exhibited my work in many solo and group exhibitions both regionally and internationally.   I like to play with the ideas of manufacturing, fragmentation,  and transformation in my art, and use abstraction as my main design element.   



A studio shot

Next up for 2024....

I am currently working towards a solo show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario May 3-26 where I will be exhibiting a new series of paintings and wall assemblages.

My studio will be open along with others in Shared Space as part of a weekend event at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton May 4 and 5....more details to follow!

My work can also be found at Partial Gallery online where I update new works regularly, as well as the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario, both in the online store, and in person.

In the works for July......hoping to be in TOAF63 again this year with more new pieces... will keep you posted...just love this show!

Dundas Valley School of Art Auction - April

I will have three works available for the auction coming in April...if you are looking for some great deals to start your art collection, the DVSA auction is the place to begin.


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